Things I'm Going To Teach My Daughter

Ravi Paliwal
4 min readFeb 11, 2022


Some By Explaining But Most By Imbibing Them Myself

It’s 6 AM and I’m suddenly wide awake thinking about my daughter.

She’s 10 months old, out with her mom to visit her grandparents since last week. And, here I’m, just missing her, thinking about her growing up from a soft little baby to a naughty toddler to a bright young girl to a confident woman.
I know, she’s not even a year old now and there is so much pressure already. This is what got me thinking. For her to be in all these stages what do I as a father and together as parents need to teach her.

Daugther love, father daugther love
Princess I will keep the crown so tight, it won’t fall out even in the fight!

In a few years from now, she’ll be able to read it & then in a few imbibe them (and I might add a few things more). Till then, here we go

  1. Zero Society gravitation or No validation
    You don’t need validation from anyone, not even me.
    Be who you are, do what you like. Just be you, it’s enough!
    Still, If I want you to do something I will not keep it as an option, I will keep it as a strong recommendation.
  2. Self Love is the most underrated love story in the world.
    Know this, you don’t need someone to love you. You have to learn to learn yourself- being joyful, happy, and kind. You shouldn’t rely on someone to go for a movie, or for a trek, or a trip.
    The day you will know yourself will be the day, you will know the mystery of the world that only 1% of monks have till now managed to solve.
    Still, think you need someone to love you? Find that one or ask me, I am an expert in it :P
    But always remember self-love is the most powerful.
  3. Financial Budgeting: Be a percentage calculator!
    Many times at dinner or while out on a drive I am going to talk about finance and how you need to manage.
    The day you will be old enough to handle the money you will start getting all the money in your debit card. You’d know exactly how much you spent on chocolates, school fees, and shopping.
    If you want to buy a new phone, you have to save money, you have to learn value and compromise in terms of money. You have to learn when to spend and where to save.
  4. Two Most Powerful Trades In The World (Time & Money)
    Either spend your time on social media to follow famous & rich people or get rich by investing your time in the right things and you will automatically become famous.
    You/everyone in the world has only 24 hours in a day, find your focus, where do you wish to spend it?
  5. Learn Human Behavior (Psychology)
    What do people do and why do they do it?’ more than 99% of businesses are running on it.
    For example, people spend their time on Instagram scrolling, watching reels but you know what, the Gram was never built for consumers, it’s primarily for creators. If you can’t create anything there, you are at the wrong place.
  6. Don’t Follow Opinionated Culture (भेड़चाल)
    Don’t talk about the petrol price hike because everyone else is talking about it. Just think about inflation, as Panipuri prices have also hiked in the last 20 years. (It’s political strategy).
    Twitter CEO is not an Indian citizen, he surrendered his Indian passport a long time ago, then why do Indian people need to cheer for him? Just because everyone is talking about him? (It’s business strategy).
    If everyone can get rich by reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ why does this world still have only 1% billionaires? (Don’t worry, I will crack it soon.)
    Don’t follow an opinionated culture. Build your own logical thoughts and learn from them.
  7. Don’t Give Up Under Pressure, Learn To Manage Pressure.
    Peer pressure: What will happen if you fail in exams?
    Society pressure: What will happen if you don’t wanna marry?
    Family pressure: What will happen if you don’t like cooking?
    Religious pressure: What will happen if you don’t like visiting temples or worshiping a God?
    Financial pressure: What will happen if you are not able to make money and you have to live a minimalist lifestyle? (BTW, minimalistic is the best way to live).
    Mental pressure: What will happen if I die before you grow up? (Just read this blog again and again and you will know I’m here for you, like forever & always. ❤)

    Society won’t accept you? Or your Aunt is going to taunt you? Or will the world stop running?
    Nothing’s gonna change (my love for you) until you want to make a change — इस कान सुनना उस कान निकाल देना actually इतनी मेहनत भी क्यों करना
    There is not a single thing existing in the world that you can’t do if you want to do.

My love, all you need to do is believe in yourself. Whether I am here or not, I will always be there.
Just remember, I believe you for everything you are or wish to be.

One last thing (the list is still long in my head)

Yes, you will have pressure on yourself, not because you are my daughter, but because I want you to be YOU.

With Love,



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